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Government information and statistics

  1. Consult the Library's general Government Information webpage including the Google custom search of all Canadian federal, provincial and territory government sites.
  2. Many government documents are available in print or electronically via the Library Catalogue. Try a KEYWORD search, limiting the results to Location: GOVERNMENT DOCUMENTS.
  3. Consult the Government Information Databases page, in particular for Canadian Research Index which covers Federal, provincial and municipal levels of government.


Selected government documents on women and health:

Shaping Science for a Healthier World, Institute of Gender and Health (2017)

Gender, women and primary health care renewal : a discussion paper (2010)

Mental health needs of federal women offenders (2012)

Mother's voices : what women say about pregnancy, childbirth and early motherhood (2009)

The POWER Study (Project for an Ontario Women's Health Evidence-Based Report), Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Social determinants of health : the Canadian facts (2010)

Understanding depression among pregnant Aboriginal women (2016)

Use of services by immigrant women with symptoms of postpartum depression (2015)

Women and HIV testing in Canada : barriers and recommendations as identified by service providers (2011)

Women, girls, and prescription medication (2016)



Women in Canada: A Gender-based Statistical Report: Senior Women (2016)

Statistics Canada by subject -- Health

The little data book on gender (2016 ed.) (World Bank)

World Health Organization (Health Topics)

Also, you can consult the Library's Data Services located on the first floor of the Library.


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