Internet Searching

Yes, you can use Google or any other Internet search engine to locate resources... but how do you know when what you have found is authoritative and trustworthy? 

You are responsible for ensuring the academic content of the documents that you use.  Consider carefully how you will assess the information that you find.  You may wish to find answers for these questions:

  • is the author affiliated with an academic institution?
  • is a biography available for the author from a trusted (reference) source?
  • what is the reputation of the author?
  • is the article peer-reviewed?
  • who has cited (used) this article in other research?
  • is the web site associated with an educational institution?
  • is there a physical address associated with the web site / author?

Google Advanced Search 

To find legitimate websites, consider doing a Google advanced search and adding .gov or .edu under "site or domain".

Evaluating Online Information: Use the CRAP test

Content last reviewed: January 11, 2021