Using OMNI

The library's search tool Omni lets you do just one search to find books, journal articles newspaper articles,, and other types of resources. 

Search Strategies and OMNI video

Covid 19 Updates: 


  • Use keywords only, do not search using a full sentence.
  • Combine keywords for different ideas with AND
    • Search by keyword for specific topics: Globalization AND women
    • Or by country: Globalization AND China
  • Combine synonyms or similar words for an idea with OR
  • Capitalize your AND and OR terms in OMNI
  • Use the * at the end of the root of a word to find all the forms of that word
  • Use " " quotation marks to find a phrase such as "human rights"

Narrow by:

  • Resource Type
  • Publication Date
  • Subject 
  • Language
  • Location

More information available here.

Content last reviewed: January 11, 2021