Academic Journal Articles

Academic journals (also known as periodicals or serials) publish the world's most recent research in all disciplines.  Popular magazines are primarily designed to entertain as well as inform.  See Academic Journals vs. Popular Magazines and Newspapers to learn the differences between these.

Many of our databases allow you to limit your searches to  "scholarly" or "peer-reviewed" journals. These are other words for academic.

To search for Academic Journal Articles use the Library's search tool. Please note this tool will be changing in early January.

When searching, consider the following:

Once you have your results:

  • To see only BOOKS click on Book/eBook.
  • To see only JOURNAL ARTICLES click on Journal Article and click on Scholarly & Peer-Review.

Because there will be many results, it is important to narrow your search.

Narrow by:

  • Content Type
  • Discipline
  • Publication Date
  • Subject Terms
  • Language
  • Library Location

Specialized Databases:

Do NOT limit yourself to these databases alone.  See Databases by SUBJECT Page

Content last reviewed: December 19, 2019