Primary Sources

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

For primary sources with aspects that are mainly historical, see the following databases:

Government Information

Certain government documents are considered to be primary.  Consult government information specialists at the Research Help Desk on the second (main) floor of the Library.

News Articles

News articles can be classified as primary when they provide unique information, such as an in-depth analysis.  Also, images of original news articles can be classified as primary as they deliver information about the context in which the article was provided in the original document.  Consider these historical newspaper databases:

Other Primary Sources

Also consider posters, diaries and advertising.  Try a fielded keyword search in the catalogue, restricting the search to the subject headings.  For instance,

Consult the subject guide for the History of Sexuality.


As well as the special collections in Carleton's Archives and Research Collections, consider the resources at

Content last reviewed: June 25, 2018