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Browsing journal tables of contents

You can browse relevant journals by looking up the title of the journal in the catalogue.  If there is an online subscription, click on the link and browse the tables of contents for relevant articles.  If the journal is in print only, copy down the call number and locate the volumes in the compact shelving on the first floor.

See the suggested journals section at the bottom of this page.

Searching for journal articles

If you have no particular topic-based journal in mind, search a journal articles database for relevant articles.  Recommended databases for journal articles can be found on the "journal articles" tab of the subject guides, for instance, the Women's Studies subject page.

Your topic may include other disciplines -- look for related databases under these subject areas: Criminology, Gender Studies, Human Rights, Political Science, Religion, Sociology,  ...

If you are looking for articles by a particular author, select AUTHOR from the drop-down list.  If you are searching for a particular article, enter the title and select TITLE from the drop-down list.

For keyword or key phrase searching, most database search engines encourage you to put your related terms (OR searching) in the same row, and your unrelated concepts (AND searching) in separate rows.

Tip:  Most databases provide a way to restrict the results of a search to peer-reviewed or academic articles. It can be implemented differently from database to database: check the help pages for more information.

Recommended databases

Other useful databases

Multidisciplinary journal repositories or publisher collections

For other databases, including databases of newspaper articles, please see the lists of databases by subject.

Suggested journals

To find other journals, perform a SUBJECT search in the catalogue for

Very important: Book reviews

Included with journal articles are reviews of books. In some databases these are deemed to be scholarly / peer reviewed.  Book reviews are edited but they are NOT submitted for peer review.

Use book reviews with caution as guidelines for writing reviews vary widely.  Some are comparative reviews of books and these are rich in information.  Others are brief overviews of the content of the book.  Some are opinionated.  If in doubt please consult your professor or TA, or find and use the book itself.

Content last reviewed: June 25, 2018