Journal Articles

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Selected journals

You can browse journal issue tables of contents for ideas.  Here are a few journals which may be relevant to your research topic:

For other journals, see the Journals tab of the Sexuality Studies guide or the Women's Studies guide.

Journal article databases

All databases contain information about journal articles (as well as other resource types such as conference papers, book chapters, book reviews, theses, and dissertations).  Some databases also contain direct links to the text of a document.  When the document itself is not directly available, the GetIt! resolver service is available to locate the document within one of our subscribed full text collections.

Remember to check the references list of relevant articles to find related material.  In databases, also look for "cited by" next to relevant articles to go to resources which have used an article that interests you.


General social science

Other databases, depending on course outline topics

Consult the database descriptions for more information about these (and other) databases.

Also try the Summon search, found on the Library's home page.  If you are off campus, log in first.

Publishers' collections

These are full text collections of (primarily) social science journals.  The search functionality is limited.

Content last updated: July 5, 2018