Access to Information and Privacy: Public Policy Resources

This guide will intoduce you to the most relevant web resources for access to information and privacy legislation, policy and administrative guidelines. For resources which release personal or corporate information consult the section Personal and Corporate Information Available from Government

Personal Information

Donations to Political Parties

Financial Statements and Contributions (Elections Ontario)

Employment Related Disclosure

Missing Children/Adults

Unclaimed Bank Accounts and Dividends

Winnings in Lotteries

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation "Publishing winners is important to demonstrate the integrity of our lottery games. For every winner there are a number of othe players who did not win but have a legitimate desire to know that someone won. OLG reserves the right to publish the name, address and photograph of any lottery winner. The names of winners at gaming sites are released only with the permission of the winner."

Corporate Information


Commercial Information

Communication Sector


Health and Welfare

National Security



Content last updated: June 24, 2020