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Use dictionaries and encyclopedias to find authoritative definitions:


Search Omni, the library's main search box to find peer-reviewed journal articles on any topic.

Search subject-specific databases to find journal articles. They offer many advanced search features and search results tend to be more precise.

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Searching for primary sources using Omni:

Search your topic (or historical person of interest) using Omni, the library's main search box to find primary sources (or reproductions) in our collection. Keyword searches that include the following terms will help identify primary materials.

Example: nurses AND war AND diar*

  • Diar* (for diary or diaries)
  • Correspondence
  • Letters
  • Memoir
  • Personal narrative
  • Recollections
  • Reminiscences
  • Journal
  • Sources

 Other primary source search tips:

Historical Newspapers:

Primary Sources on the web:

Other libraries with significant primary source collections:

  • Center for Research Libraries (CRL) - Carleton University Library is a member of the CRL consortium. It regularly acquires and preserves newspapers, journals, documents, archives, and other traditional and digital resources for research and teaching and makes them available to member institutions through your RACER account.

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Content last reviewed: January 20, 2021