Welcome to the general guide for business sources at Carleton University.   Guides on different streams of business are also available. Look for subject guides for Accounting, Arts Management, Company & Industry Data, Consumer Information, Entrepreneurship, Finance, International Business, Marketing, Organizational Behaviour & Management,  Social Enterprise and Taxation.

Handbooks and encyclopedias often give a good overview of a subject area and provide relevant background information, as well as key terms that can be used when searching the databases.  Search for them in the library's catalogue by Keyword.  

Writing & Citing

For help with writing reports, do a subject search in the library catalogue for:

Suggested Titles


Citation Management

There are many free citation/document management systems available.   

Key Databases

Additional Databases

Cited Reference Searching

Cited Reference Searching is a powerful tool in staying up to date with scholarly research.  Use Web of Science and Scopus  to find if a particular author and/or paper has been cited by other authors.

Journal Rankings

Business News

Tips for Newspaper Searching

The following titles are available online through the Library catalogue:

Grey Literarture, Policy Reports, Think Tanks

Consult the library guide Searching for Grey Literature for sources and searching tips.  Good databases for grey literature include:

      Policy Reports and Working Papers

      Think Tanks

      Think tanks are independent, nonpartisian, public policy research institutes that are often non-profit such as the C.D.Howe Institute, Conference Board of Canada,  Macdonald-Laurier Institute, American Enterprise Institute, Brookings Institute, etc.  They do not have an agenda as many NGOs have, but conduct research and analysis on current issues and topics.  Hillwatch provides a listing of key Canadian and international think tanks and the Harvard Kennedy School provides a searchable database of over 600 listings.  

Dissertations & Theses

View the full list of our theses and dissertations databases.

Company Information

Begin with the company's 10K or annual report - usually found on their web site or by doing a google search of company name and 10K or annual report.   Read the Management Discussion and Analysis - (MD&A) section of the Annual Report or 10k.   Read the letter to the shareholders from the CEO in the company's annual report. 

Provides profiles and investment assessments for Canadian companies with assessments of 33 Canadian industry sectors. 

  • SEDAR 
  • Frasers
    Online Canadian business and manufacturing directory, searchable by company, product or brand name.
  • ScottsInfo 
    Online Canadian business and manufacturing directory of more than 115,000 companies and 210,000 executive contacts. Allows searching by geographic and demographic indicators, by products and by contact information indicators.

Global (includes Canadian data)

SWOT Analysis

  • Passport Select Companies from the top tab and key in your company name.  Select relevant segment and open the profile.  Look in the table of contents for a SWOT analysis
  • Business Source Complete Search for your company and limit to SWOT from filters listed below the search box.

Industry Information

  • Business Source Complete - search your topic, product, company or industry.  Under Refine your results choose Industry Overview and Industry Profile.
  • Bloomberg 
  • Mergent Online - when connected, select the Report Search tab from the menu.   Select industry of interest and then geographical region.  
  • Factiva - mouse over Companies/Markets from menu bar at top of page, select Industry.   Select industry from the list provided.  Published profiles are found under Analysis and Profiles from menu on left.
  • Passport - Select Industries from the menu tab and narrow by country.   Tip - choose the industry plus specific parts of industry as there is often more than one industry profile.
  • Conference Board of Canada e-Library - Browse by topic -> Industry Sector Economics for industry profiles or enter industry name in the search box.
  • HighBeam Business: Industry Reports    Free industry reports from The Gale Group on US industries. 

Specialized reports from reputable sources: 

Look for valuable information and data from industry associations and NGOs
Lobbyists (industry associations) are the interface between government and business.  They work for the best interests of the industry and try to persuade governments to support them on issues.   They often provide information and data to the public.   To find the relevant association(s) for your industry,  search google for  the industry + country + association.   A few examples:

Many non-governmental organizations are critics of industry.  They act as a watchdog for the public and lobby governments to be diligent in overseeing activities of an industry.  To find relevant NGOs, search google by keyword(s) + protection or organization.  A few examples:

Government Sources



The library offers many sources of data and statistics.  Help is available at the following service points:

Data Resources

  • Bloomberg Professional
    Global financial information network with access to access to current and historical financial information.
  • CRSP
    1925 US stock database and CRSP historical indexes
  • Passport 
    Offers integrated access to internationally comparable statistics, market reports, insightful comment from expert industry and country analysts.
    Provides global economic indicators and forecasting.
  • IMD World competitiveness online
    Analyzes and ranks the ability of nations to create and maintain an environment that sustains the competitiveness of enterprises. World competitiveness online provides access to the entire WCY database including 5 year time series
  • Mergent Online 
    Global financial information 
  • Vivadata - formerly Print Measurement Bureau provides statistics on Canadian consumer preferences.
    The publisher has recently changed the access.  To see the reports do the following:

    1. Click on the link above to Vividata. 
    2. From the Vividata home page type in your email address in the box under Support and press submit.
    3. Mouse over Resources at the top of the page and select Educational Resources.  Click on the tab Products and Demographics.
    4. If a password is requested it is the password you were given during the library presentation.  Email for help.

    Explore the categories on left hand side of page. 

Many more sources are avalable through government departments and agencies as well as international organizations.  Visit the government information reference desk on the basement level of the library,

Content last updated: February 14, 2019