Canadian Foreign Policy

This guide provides links to sources directly connected with the conduct of Canada's foreign relations

Current Awareness

SOMNIA - Spotlight on Military News and International Affairs (Canadian Forces College)
Diplomat & International Canada
Embassy online
iAffairs Canada


Think Tanks

Library of Parliament Research Publications - International Affairs and Defence and its Archive on these subjects - provide background information for policy makers

Committees (House of Commons and Senate) - Useful for the testimony of experts who testify and the reports which are issued
House of Commons Committees:
International Trade; Citizenship and Immigration; Foreign Affairs and International Development; Justice and Human Rights; Public Safety and National Security - Note the Committees button on the same level ast the Committee name - it leads to the witness search and the publication search. Note also the Select a different session button for earlier hearings
Senate Committees:
Foreign Affairs and International Trade; Human Rights; National Security and Defence



Content last reviewed: March 25, 2021