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Canada has 3 levels of government: federal, provincial and municipal. For an overview of the governance structure and responsibilities of governments in Canada, see Forsey, Eugene A. (2016). How Canadians Govern Themselves. 9th edition. For information on the distribution of legislative powers between the federal and provincial governments, see The constitutional distribution of legislative powers.

Note: The library has an extensive print collection for documents published by the Canadian government (CA1) and by the provincial and territorial governments (CA2). These are located on Floor 1 and filed using the CODOC classification system

Government of Canada website: find information on current programs and services offered by the Canadian government, including a listing of  Federal departments and agencies.

Parliament of Canada: find information on the work conducted in the House of Commons and the Senate, including members, committees, business calendars and bills.

The Supreme Court of Canada: find information on the role of the Court, the judges (past and present), cases in brief, news releases, etc.




Quick Start: Go to Provinces and Territories (Government of Canada) to get a quick link to provincial/territorial websites. For more detailed links within a province or territory, select the jurisdiction name from the list below.

Ottawa Area:

Municipalities in Ontario:

Information on municipalities in Canada:



Canadian Libraries (Internet Archives): includes government documents (federal and provincial) from Canadian academic libraries, research libraries and government libraries.

Canadian Public Documents Collection: collection of monograph publications from Canadian research institutes, government agencies and university research centres working in the area of Canadian public policy, health and medical research.

Canadian Research Index: provides citations and abstracts to many Canadian government (federal and provincial) publications, including annual reports, scientific and statistical reports and policy papers. (content can also be retrieved from the Microlog microfiche collection located on Floor 1)

Canadiana Online:

GALLOP: (Government and Legislative Libraries Online Publications Portal): provides one-stop access to full-text electronic provincial, territorial and federal government publications and legislative materials dating back to 1995.

Canadian Government Publications Portal (Internet Archive): includes documents from the federal and provincial government.

Content last reviewed: March 13, 2020