Coding for Qualitative Research

One of the integral pieces of doing qualitative research is being able to code your data well, in preparation for your analysis. This is often a step that we get questions about so we've prepared this guide to point you to some useful readings, videos, etc on how you can approach qualitative coding.


The Sage Research Methods database is a great resource for help with the research process : research design, methodology, data collection & analysis etc. It contains books, book chapters, articles, videos, planning tools and more. Try a search for "coding" and see what you get!

Use the Project Planner (under Research Tools) to help guide you through the stages of research:

screenshot showing an overview of the project planner


Use the Methods Map (under Research Tools) to explore different methods:
screenshot of the methods map

Reading Lists:

Create a profile so you can make your own Reading Lists of resources, or search public Reading Lists (under Research Tools) to find lists created on a topic by other Sage users. You can also share your reading lists with others. For example, here's a brief Reading List of books and videos we prepared on Coding your data

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Codes and Coding, from the Sage encyclopedia of qualitative research methods
- for a brief overview to get you started

If you have decided that you want to use the NVivo software for your qualitative research project, check out our NVivo Workshops schedule  and sign up for one of the Approaches to Coding workshops to see how NVivo helps with the coding process.

Content last reviewed: September 6, 2020