Disability Studies

Here are some of the resources available to consult for a high-level introduction to the concepts in Disability Studies.

Subject headings

Subject headings are "tags" that denote topics covered in the resources.  Different databases have different ways of organizing subject headings.  You can construct subject heading searches using the examples below.  Try these examples:

Also note the subject headings used in other resources that you find using your own searches.

Ebook Collections

The following is only a selection.  For an exhaustive list, consult the databases-by-type page.  All ebooks to which we have access are also found in the Library catalogue.

Book Series


This list is intended to be a sample of the book resources that we have.  It is not exhaustive.  Please use author or subject heading links to locate related material.

The following is only a subset of the available material from governments and international organizations worldwide.  Please consult with the specialists for additional help in locating sources.  The Google custom search on the government information page can get you started.

Reports and documents in the Library Catalogue

Selected government reports and websites

Auditor General Canada

  • Report on the Canada Pension Plan Disability Program, 2015

Canadian Human Rights Commission

Correctional Services Canada

Culture, History and Sport

Employment and Social Development Canada

Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

Human Rights Commission Ontario

Justice Canada

Public Safety Canada

Statistics Canada

United Nations

Veterans Affairs Canada

For more government resources, consult the government information "find" page.

International Organizations

Consult the NGO Database.  Under NGO by Areas of Competence, scroll down to Social Cohesion and select Disabled Persons.

For more resources from international organizations, consult the international section of the government information "find" guide.

Carleton's recent theses and dissertations are stored in CURVE, the institutional repository.  You can also search for them in the Library catalogue.  A key database for dissertations and theses is Dissertations and Theses Global.  Consult the "find" guide for more information on locating relevant theses and dissertations.

Content last updated: October 11, 2018