European Union

Information and resources for the study of the European Union. An organization that unites 27 European countries through common laws, economics, and security.

Carleton University is home to the Centre for European Studies (CES) 

A Brief History 

Learn the Basics 

Finding Treaties 

Country Information 

An analytical database of worldwide economic indicators and forecasts, providing more than 300 series on 150 countries and 45 regional aggregates, running from 1980 and forward to 2005.  

Covers key historical events, population, city profiles, social statistics, climate, recent   elections,   current leaders, defence, international relations, economy, energy and natural resources, industry, international trade, religion, culture, and diplomatic representatives. 

From the EU 

About the EU & Europe 

  • EURACTIV - A media network collecting news from a variety of organizations in various European capitals, in multiple languages, related to the European Union. 
  • EUobserver - An independent online newspaper based in Brussels covering EU news. 
  • POLITICO Europe - International news from a European perspective. 
  • EUTube Video campaigns and relevant information about policies on Europe 
  • BBC News: Europe 
  • European Sources Online (ESO) information service 
  • ENDSEurope  -Environmental news and information specific to Europe. 

Consult the News Guide for details on additional news sources

European Union Resources 

European Union Institutions 

Law Making 

Interinstitutional Bodies 

There are over 40 other specialized agencies and decentralized bodies that are part of the EU. 



Content last reviewed: January 27, 2021