Feminist Theory

To familiarize yourself with the concepts, try these resources:

or consult other dictionaries or encyclopedias (below).

This bibliography is a sample of the resources that we have.  To find others, try any of the following strategies:

  1. a subject heading search for feminist theory in the Library catalogue
  2. a "fielded keyword search" in the Library catalogue for "feminist theory" as a subject heading (s:"feminist theory") [which you can combine with other search terms]
  3. a subject search on the Summon advanced search page [which you can combine with other search terms], then limit the results to the Library catalogue.

Databases contain information about journal articles, books, chapters in books, conference proceedings, theses and dissertations, magazine articles, newspaper articles, and much more.  Some databases also contain the full text to these materials.  Try the following databases for different aspects of feminist theory:

Also consider:

Content last updated: July 5, 2018