Begin with the company's 10K or annual report - usually found on their web site or by doing a google search of company name and 10K or annual report.   Read the Management Discussion and Analysis - (MD&A) section of the Annual Report or 10k.   Read the letter to the shareholders from the CEO in the company's annual report. 


Global (includes Canadian data)

SWOT Analysis

  • Passport Select Companies from the top tab and key in your company name.  Select relevant segment and open the profile.  Look in the table of contents for a SWOT analysis
  • Business Source Complete Search for your company and limit to SWOT from filters listed below the search box.

No SWOT for your company - try a competitor.  External factors will affect all companies in an industry.

Analyst Reports

Bloomberg Type ANR when on a company's page to get analyst reports.


Stock Prices


Analyst Reports

Structural Analysis of a Industry using Porter's 5 Forces.


  • Begin with Business Source Complete.
          Select Industry Profiles from menu on right hand side.  Browse alphabetically to search by industry.  
  • Bloomberg Professional 
          Search under BI for aggregrate data
  • Mergent Online 
         Select the Report Search tab from the menu.   Select industry of interest and then geographical region.  
  • Passport
        Go to Industries at the top of the page, select the relevant industry or industries and narrow by country or countries.   Tip - choose the industry plus specific parts of industry as there is often more than one industry profile.
  • Factiva
        Mouse over Companies/Markets from menu bar at top of page, select Industry.   Select industry from the list provided.  
  • Conference Board of Canada e-Library
         Browse by topic -> Industry Sector Economics for industry profiles or enter industry name in the search box.
  • HighBeam Business: Industry Reports   
        Free industry reports from The Gale Group on US industries. 

Specialized reports from reputable sources: 

​Look for valuable information and data from trade associations Google the industry + country + associations to find trade associations

      For example:
   Canadian Toy Association
   Retail Council of Canada
   American Apparel & Footwear Association
   Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)

Government Sources

Trade Journals and Business Magazines 

Journal Articles 

Good to know:

  1. Within a database, limit your search to scholarly articles when it is appropriate to disregard other resources.
  2. Never limit to full-text only as we may subscribe to the journal you find from another vendor.  Use the Get it! icon to search for the full text when it is not immediately available.
  3. Use available options to search more than one database at a time.
  4. Look for the option to set up an RSS feed  or to Create an Alert.  You are then notified when a new entry is added to the database that meets your search criteria.
  5. Use the Interlibrary Loans RACER form to request items not held at Carleton’s library.  

Business News

Tips for Newspaper Searching

The following titles are available online through the Library catalogue:

Content last updated: May 21, 2020