Foreign & International Law

Foreign law is the law that applies in particular countries. International law is the set of rules generally accepted as binding between nation states. It applies to countries, not necessarily to individuals. It also helps to define how international intergovernmental organizations. such as the United Nations, operate, as well as how treaties are applied and enforced.

Citation Guides

Current Awareness


Foreign Law Reference/Research Guides

Sources covering the national legislation/standards of multiple countries

  • Anti-discrimination Database - OHCHR measures taken at the national, regional and international level
  • ECOLEX - FAO/UNEP/IUCN - gateway to environmental law
  • EPLex- ILO employment protection legislation database
  • FAOLEX - world's largest collection of national laws, regulations and policies on food, agriculture and natural resources management
  • LEGOSH - ILO database on occupational safety and health legislation
  • NATLEX - ILO national laws on labour, social security and related human rights
  • NORMLEX - ILO database on national labour and social security laws as well as international labour standards
  • WIPOLEX  - World Intellectual Property Organization
  • World Factbook of Criminal Justice Systems


United States

Introduction to International Law


International Economic Law 

  • American Society of International Law e-RG Electronic Resource Guide International Economic Law by Jean M. Wenger provides an extensive listing of resources for international trade law, international financial law, regional economic integration, international development law, international business regulation, intellectual property law and private international law
  • ASIL research tool - EISIL International Economic Law provides links to primary documents
  • World LII International Trade

International Environmental Law


Human Rights


International Criminal Law

  • ASIL e-RG Electronic Resource Guide International Criminal Law by Gail Partin provides links to treaties, courts and tribunals and resources for specific types of crimes, including terrorism
  • ASIL research tool - EISIL International Criminal Law provides links to primary documents

International Organizations

  • ASIL e-RG Electronic Resource Guide International Organizations by Anne Burnett covers research basics, representative IGOs online and representative NGOs online
  • ASIL e-RG Electronic Resource Guide United Nations by John Heywood covers documentation, international courts and tribunals and electronic resources
  • ASIL research tool - EISIL International Organizations

International Humanitarian Law

ASIL e-RG Electronic Resource Guide International Humanitarian Law by Joan Policastri and Sergio D. Stone provides resources on protected persons, the conduct of war, primary sources, secondary sources, identifies leading institutions, e.g. International Committee of the Red Cross, and covers topics such as: children in armed conflict, mercenaries, and drones, robots and cyberwarfare
ASIL research tool - EISIL International Humanitarian Law provides links to primary sources, including those connected with the protection of persons and war crimes
Customary IHL  - International humanitarian law treaty database (International Committee of the Red Cross)

Use of Force

ASIL research tool - EISIL Use of Force provides links to primary sources connected with collective security, the law of armed conflict, arms control and disarmament, peace and neutrality and armed non-state actors




Content last updated: September 3, 2019