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Reference Materials

Get background information from handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries.

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries


Database Annotations: 

Once your topic is narrowly defined, select databases to find specific articles that have been published in journals.

Key Databases: 

Additional Databases: 

Select Journals:

Find books on your topic to gain greater depth and understanding.

Recommended Books: 

Les cartes à jouer du XIVe au XXe siècle / par Henry-René D'Allemagne.

  • Books and Serials on Games are shelved at these locations in the Library of Congress system: GV1-1860. New titles.
  • Books on Computer games. Video games. Fantasy games GV1469.15-1469.62
  • Books on Board games. Move games (Including chess, go, checkers, etc.) GV1312-1469
  • Find Books By Topic
  • Animation General Works TR897.5
  • Anime, History of Animation, Individual Animators, Animated Characters NC1766
  • C++ QA 73 C153
  • Calculus QA76.76.C672
  • Censorship NC1766.5.C45
  • Computer Animation General Works TR897.7
  • Computer Animation Morphing TR897.75
  • Computer Science - Computer Software QA76.5-QA 76.9
  • Drawing for Animation, Anime, Cartoons- General Works NC1765
  • Drawing, Design, Illustration NC1765-NC1766.5
  • Interfaces, Usability QA76.9
  • Multimedia Systems QA76.575
  • Programming Languages, Operating Systems QA76.73-QA 76.76
  • Texturing & Modeling QA76.6
  • Trick Cinematography/ Special Effects TR858

Suggested Subject Headings: 

Fulltext eBook Collections: 

Primary Sources

  • Publication Cycle (Engineering & Science): to find primary and secondary sources of information, use tertiary sources of information: dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks. When a researcher publishes material, they follow the cycle clockwise. To find primary and secondary sources, follow the cycle anti clockwise.


  • Begin by defining exactly what you are searching for.
  • Select the keywords/synonyms in your topic.
  • Be specific when determining keywords/synonyms and terms to search.
  • Use the advanced interface of electronic databases and Internet search engines to help narrow your search
  • Limit results in electronic databases to full-text or peer reviewed journals only
  • Use Boolean Operators to connect search terms (Click for a brief explanation of Boolean Operators)
  • Take notes during your research to keep track of where you have been, keywords searched, what worked and what didn't, etc.
  • Googlepedia [electronic resource]: the ultimate Google resource / Michael Miller.
  • Google search secrets [electronic resource] / Christa Burns and Michael P. Sauers.

More Writing & Citing Resources: 

Write down or store all the references you have consulted to include them in your bibliography of your research paper (e.g., Mendeley)

Writing Help

Literature Reviews

Internet resource:

Print books:


  • Annual Reviews Online / Authoritative, analytic reviews in 34 focused disciplines within the Biomedical, Life, Physical, and Social Sciences. They synthesize the vast amount of primary research literature and identify the principal contributions in each field.

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Games Collection

The Library collects a variety of games and game-related media. Most can be borrowed from the library with a valid Library card. Get a complete listing

Online Games

Video Game Emulations This site contains DOS games in their archive that can be downloaded for free.

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