Gender Studies

Start by consulting reference resources, particularly dictionaries and encyclopedias.  These will provide you with the concepts--the right words to use when searching the databases and the catalogue, and you will understand better whether the search results meet your needs!

Start with:

After consulting reference resources, be sure to use the other sections in this guide to find selections of  books, databases for journal articles, government information, films, web sites, etc.





Subject headings

Subject headings are "tags" that denote themes in resources.  Each database has a different set of subject headings.  Here are a few to try in the library catalogue:


Book series:

Key Databases

Other Databases

Publishers' Multidisciplinary Journal Collections

And, of course, there is the Summon search engine which searches information related to most of our databases.  One database that is not included, for instance, is Gender & Work Database


Goverrnment information

Consult the Government Information "find" guide for more information on looking for relevant sources.  Also note the Google Custom Search on this page.  Here are some representative titles for government reports in our collection:



Perform key phrase searches at the Publication Office of the European Union, for example:

  • "gender and research"
  • "gender equality"
  • "gender in culture"
  • "gender in justice"
  • "gender in research"
  • "gender in health"
  • "gender in entrepreneurship"
  • "gender in sport"
  • "gender in conflict"
  • "gender mainstreaming"

Try using the keyword gender in the OECD iLibrary to find reports such as:

For other relevant government information databases contact the Government Information specialists in Research Support Services.

Statistics and data

Consult our Data "find" page for assistance in locating and manipulating statistical data.

Maps and atlases

Content last updated: July 5, 2018