This guide will introduce you to the most relevant internet resources for information about homelessness as a social policy issue

Homeless- "Statistics Canada does not collect monthly or annual data on the number of homeless persons in Canada. Residents of shelters are enumerated during the census, which occurs every 5 years."

  • 2011 Census: Topic-based tabulations: selected collective dwelling and population characteristics (52) and type of collective dwelling (17) for the population in collective dwellings of Canada, Provinces and Territories (98-313-XCB2011024)
  • 2006 Census: Population in collective dwellings by province and territory
  • 2001 Census: Collective dwellings
  • 2011 National Household Survey: Homeownership and shelter costs in Canada
  • Housing affordability

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation - Homelessness
Employment and Social Development Canada - Homelessness Strategy
Homelessness Partnering Strategy 2005-2014: highlights of the National Shelter Study

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