Information Resource Management

Welcome to the library resource guide for the Bachelor of Information Technology program in Information Resource Management (BIT-IRM) at Carleton University. Scroll down to the Reference Materials section to find Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Handbooks.

Reference Materials: 

Get background information from handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries.

Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Glossaries


Once your topic is narrowly defined, select databases to find specific articles that have been published in journals.

Key Databases: 

Additional Databases: 

Select Journals: 

Find books on your topic to gain greater depth and understanding.

Recommended Books: 

Books and Serials on Library Science and Information Resources are shelved at these locations in the Library of Congress system: Z4-8999, and ZA3038-5190. New titles.

We welcome your suggestions for books or other library materials you need for your study or research at Carleton.

Suggested Subject Headings: 

Fulltext eBook Collections: 

Primary Sources

  • Publication Cycle (Engineering & Science): to find primary and secondary sources of information, use tertiary sources of information: dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks. When a researcher publishes material, they follow the cycle clockwise. To find primary and secondary sources, follow the cycle anti clockwise.

Write down or store all the references you have consulted to include them in your bibliography of your research paper (e.g., Mendeley)

Writing & Citing Guides: 

More Writing & Citing Resources: 

Content last reviewed: June 27, 2018