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Welcome to the Subject Guide for Islamic Studies at Carleton University Library.   Use dictionaries and encyclopedias to get an overview and background information.  Also listed below are specialized reference resources useful when first exploring a topic.  Look in the section Finding Books and eBooks to find Sacred Texts.  

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias
The Qurʻan an encyclopedia / Oliver Leaman (2006)
Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures / Suad joseph (2006)
Encyclopedia Iranica / Ehsan Yarshater (1996-)
Encyclopedia of Global Religion / Mark Juergensmeyer, Wade Clark Roof (2012)
Oxford Dictionary of Islam / John L. Esposito (2003)
Lane's Arabic-English Lexicon: Free, online & downloadable dictionary.

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Historical Studies
The Cambridge History of Egypt / Cambridge University Press (1998) DT94..C36 (vols. 1-2)
The Cambridge History of Iran / Cambridge University Press (1991) DS272.C34 (vols. 1-7)
The Cambridge History of Islam / P.M. Holt, et. al. (1977) DS35.6.C3 1977 (vols. 1a-2b)
Islam : background and bibliography / Claire Woodward (2002) BP161.3 BIBL.W66 2002

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Ismaili literature : a bibliography of sources and studies /Farhad Daftary (2004) BP195.I8 D32 2004
Arab and Muslim Americans of Middle Eastern origin : social and political aspects : a bibliography / Joan Nordquist (2003) E184.A65.N67 2003
Islam : background and bibliography / Claire Woodward (2002) BP161.3.BiBL.W66 2002

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Biographical Resources
The Biographical encyclopedia of Islamic philosophy / Oliver Leaman (2006) B741.B56 2006 (vols. 1-2)
Great thinkers of the Eastern world : the major thinkers and the philosophical and religious classics of China, India, Japan, Korea, and the world of Islam / ian P. McGreal (1995) STF B5005.G74

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Art and Architecture
A bibliography of the architecture, arts, and crafts of Islam / K.A.C. Creswell (1973) NA380.C7 1961
Dictionary of Islamic architecture / Andrew Petersen (1996)
Grove encyclopedia of Islamic art and architecture / Jonathan M. Bloom and Sheila S. Blair (2009) (vols. 1-3).

Books of definition in Islamic philosophy / Kiki Kennedy-Day (2003)
A dictionary of Muslim philosophy / M. Saeed Sheikh (1970) B741.S48
Islamic philosophy A-Z / Peter S. Groff with Oliver Leaman (2007) B741.G76 2007

The Atlas of Religion / Joanne O'Brien and Martin Palmer (2007) MPA G1046.E4.O27 2007
Cultural atlas of Islam / Ismaʼīl R. al Fārūqī and Lois Lamyāʼ al Fārūq (1986) MPA G1786.E44.A39 1986
An Historical Atlas of Islam / William Charles Brice (1981)
Historical atlas of the Islamic world /David Nicolle (2003) MPA G1786.S1.N5 2003

Women and Islam
Encyclopedia of women and religion in North America / Rosemary Skinner Keller, et. al. (2006) BL458.E527 2006 (vols. 1-3)
Encyclopedia of women and Islamic cultures / Suad Joseph (2006-)

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Muslim women throughout the world; a bibliography / Michelle Kimball (1997) HQ1170 BIBL.K55


Use Keyword or the dropdown Subject Terms search to find books by a topic.   To search multiple words not as a phrase do a Keyword search and use Boolean Operations - 
         AND to find all of the words in any order
         OR to find any of the words
         AND NOT to exclude one or more words

For example
       (islam* OR muslim) AND (art OR architect*)

The * symbol will find any ending up to 5 characters.  Canad* will retrieve Canada, Canadian, Canadians, etc

A full list of search tips is available at the Keyword Searching page.

Sacred Texts:

  Online texts:
     Internet Sacred Text Archive: Islam.   A free archive of online texts
     Qur'an Explorer
     Tanzil Search the Qur'ran in Arabic

Seach by Title in Omni under Koran. Language
(Until updating is complete, search under both spellings of Koran and Qur'an)
      for example:   Koran. English
                             Koran. Arabic & English

Editions of the Qur'an can be found in the book collection in the BP100 - 109 range.

A online copy is available through eBooks on EBSCOhost:  The holy Qur'an / translated by M.H. Shakir

Search for related materials by Subject: 
             Qur'an or Koran               
             Qur'an -- Commentaries.
             Qur'an - Concordances
                   A concordance of the Qur'an
             Qur'an - Criticism, interpretation, etc.
                   The Qur'an: an introduction
             Qur'an - Dictionaries 
                   Dictionary of Qur'anic terms and concepts
            Qur'an- Encyclopedias
                   Encyclopedia of the Qur'an

E-book titles available at Carleton are in Omni and will be retrieved by a Author, Title, Subject and Keyword search.  Or you may browse our eBook Collections.

Relevant eBook Collections:
Canadian Publishers Collection
Columbia International Affairs Online
eBook Collection (EBSCOhost)
Eighteenth Century Collections Online
Making of America
Ebook Central includes ebooks from Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press and Taylor & Francis
Oxford Scholarship online: Religion
Springer ebooks (via SpringerLink)

All e-book collections.

Key Databases

Additional Databases

The list below is a sampling of titles held by the Library.  If the journal you are looking for is not listed below, do a title search in Omni. If we do not subscribe to it, order the article using Interlibrary Loans.

Arabic and Middle Eastern literatures
Arabic Sciences and Philosophy
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
Contemporary Islam
Edebiyât: Journal of ME Literatures
International Journal of Middle East Studies
Islamic law and society
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Journal of Arabic Literature
Journal of Islamic studies
Journal of Palestine Studies
MERIP-Middle East Report
Middle East Journal
Middle East Policy
Middle East Report
Middle Eastern Studies
Studia islamica

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