Jewish Studies

Welcome to the Subject Guide for Jewish Studies at Carleton University Library.   Use dictionaries and encyclopedias to get an overview and background information.  Also listed below are specialized reference resources useful when first exploring a topic.  Find Sacred Texts online at Seforia. 

Dictionaries and Encyclopedias


  • Antisemitism : an Annotated Bibliography / Susan Sarah Cohen (Online at HathiTrust) (vols. 1-3)
  • Bibliography on Holocaust Literature (1990-1993) (Online at HathiTrust
  • A Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism / David B. Griffiths (1988) (Online at HathiTrust
  • The Dead Sea Scrolls : Major Publications and Tools for Study / Joseph A. Fitzmyer (1990) (Online at HathiTrust
  • Index of Articles Relative to Jewish History and Literature published in Periodicals, From 1665 to 1900 / Moise Schwab (1971) (Online at HathiTrust





Use Keyword or Subject searching to find books by a topic.   To search multiple words not as a phrase do a Keyword search and use Boolean Operations: 
             AND to find all of the words in any order
             OR to find any of the words
             AND NOT to exclude one or more words

For example:   religion AND culture AND canad*

Note: The * symbol will find any ending up to 5 characters.  Canad* will retrieve Canada, Canadian, Canadians, etc.

Check Omni Search Tips for a full list of search tips.

Judaic Texts
Below is an guide to the core texts of Jewish religious writing. Search tips for Omni are provided as well as examples of titles available in the collection.

A good starting point:
Back to the sources : reading the classic Jewish texts / Barry W. Holtz (1984) (Online at HathiTrust

     Online texts:
     Internet Sacred Text Archive: Judaism A free archive of online texts
     Sefaria: a Living Library of Jewish Texts - A free living library of Jewish texts, in Hebrew and in translation

Hebrew Bible (Tanakh)
      Search by title in Omni under Bible. O.T. Hebrew
      Tanach : the Torah/Prophets/Writings: the twenty-four books of the Bible, newly translated and annotated / Nosson Scherman, et. al. (1996) BS715 1996
      Tanackh Mikra'ot Gedolot BS715 1959
      The Jewish Study Bible / Adele Berlin, et. al. (2014) BS895.J4 2014

     Online texts:
      JPS Bible
      A Hebrew - English Bible

Torah - Pentateuch - Five Books of Moses
    Search by title in Omni under Bible. O.T. Pentateuch. English
     The Torah : with an interpolated English translation and commentary based on the works of the Lubavitcher Rebbe Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson (2004-)
     BS1222 2004
     Torah : The Torah : a Modern Commentary / W. Gunther Plaut, David E. Stein (2005) BS1225.53.T67 2005

     Online texts:
       The Pentateuch / William Tyndale (1536)

Talmud - Rabbinic Literature, Oral Law

   Search by subject in Omni under Talmud; Mishnah:
     The Babylonian Talmud / I. Epstein (1961) (Online at HathiTrust)
      Mishnayot (1972) BM497 1972 (vols. 1-12)
     Talmudic Encyclopedia 2nd. edition BM500.5.E6 1973 (vols. 1-14)
     The Talmud : Law, Theology, Narrative : a Sourcebook / Jacob Neusner (2005) BM499.5.E42.N48 2005

     Online texts:    
     The People's Talmud - a new repository of the Talmud. The website is accessible without charge, but more advanced features require an
      annual subscription fee

Commentaries, Interpretations, etc
      In Omni, search by Subject
     Rabbinical Literature -- History and Criticism
     Talmud -- Criticism, interpretation, etc Talmud

     Or do a Keyword search:
      "Jewish law" AND history

E-Book titles available at Carleton are in Omni and will be retrieved by a Author, Title, Subject, Keyword search.  Or you may browse our e-book collections.

Relevant eBook Collections:
Canadian Publishers Collection
Columbia International Affairs Online
Eighteenth Century Collections Online
Making of America
EBook Central includes eBooks from Cambridge University Press eBooks, Oxford University Press eBooks and Taylor & Francis eBooks
Oxford Scholarship Online Religion
Patrologia Latina
Springer eBooks (via SpringerLink)

See all ebook collections.

Open Access (OA) Publications
Researchers and faculty may find the links below provide useful resources to supplement their own information:

For a full list of OER, including textbooks, institutional repositories, research portals, visit Open Access (OA) Publications.

Key Databases

Additional Databases

The list below is a sampling of titles held by the Library.  If the journal you are looking for is not listed below, do a title search in Omni. If we do not subscribe to it, order the article using Interlibrary Loans.

Canadian Statistical Sources


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