Justice Administration: Public Policy and Statistics

This guide provides links to government resources on public policy and statistics relating to justice administration. 


  • Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics (via <odesi>). Select "Browse <odesi> by category and then topic "Crime and Justice".
    Contains data tables illustrating current and historical data from a number of Statistics Canada surveys. The database shows data on crime, police administration, adult and youth court activity, the correctional population and transition homes, as well as various issues such as criminal victimization and family violence.
  • Crime and Justice data sets (via the Data Centre)
  • Crime Data Explorer (FBI) is a comprehensive tool - users can view crime trends across the country, by state and by variety of crime
  • Data.Gov
  • European Sourcebook of Crime Statistics
    The European Sourcebook Group is a group of experts that produces on a regular basis the European Sourcebook of Crime and Criminal Justice Statistics.
  • Hall of Justice (Sunlight Foundation)  a searchable inventory of publicly available criminal justice datasets and research
  • National Archive of Criminal Justice Data (University of Michigan)
  • Pew research - Criminal Justice provides public opinion statistics and reports on criminal justice topics

Note: For studies listed here from the ICPSR contact the Data Centre. Carleton University Library is a member of the ICPSR.


Federal Statistics:

Public Safety Canada Corrections

Statistics Canada

Provincial and Municipal Statistics:

British Columbia

Northwest Territories


Foreign and International Statistics:


United Kingdom

United States

United Nations

World Criminal Justice Library Network (Rutgers University)

Canada - Federal:

Canada - Provincial:


Foreign and International:

Inter-American Court of Human Rights

International Court of Justice

International Criminal Court

International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

United Kingdom

United Nations

United States

Canada - Federal:

Canada - Provincial:

Provincial and territorial Departments of Justice and Attorney General websites normally include information about legislation, correctional services, policing, and the courts.


British Columbia


New Brunswick

Newfoundland and Labrador

Northwest Territories

Nova Scotia



Prince Edward Island






New Zealand

United States


European Institute for Crime Prevention and Control

    This European regional institute is affiliated with the United Nations and functions under the auspices of the Finnish Ministry of Justice as an independent research and policy-making institute.


European Union

  • Europol is the European Law Enforcement Organisation which aims at improving the effectiveness and co-operation of the competent authorities in the Member States in preventing and combating terrorism, unlawful drug trafficking and other serious forms of international organised crime

Interpol is the world’s largest international police organization, with 184 member countries. Some of its statistics are restricted to official use, although many reports contain statistical data

United Nations

World Health Organization



Listed here are non-governmental websites that have resources relating to criminal justice systems.

Content last updated: September 3, 2019