Latin American and Caribbean History

Pick a research topic

  • Read your assignment instructions carefully
  • Try to pick a topic that interests you and meets the assignment criteria
  • Identify key concepts of your research topic
  • Do some background reading on your topic using Wikipedia

Use dictionaries and encyclopedias to find overviews and authoritative definitions


Begin with:

Searching for primary sources using Omni:

Search your topic (or historical person of interest) using Omni, the library's main search box to find primary sources (or reproductions) in our collection. Keyword searches that include the following terms will help identify primary materials.

  • Diar* (for diary or diaries)
  • Correspondence
  • Letters
  • Memoir
  • Personal narrative
  • Recollections
  • Reminiscences
  • Journal
  • Sources

Other primary source search tips:

Historical Newspaper Databases:

Primary Sources on the web

Primary Sources by country

Other collections:


Films and Videos

Content last reviewed: January 7, 2021