Latin American Politics

This research guide will help you locate electronic and print resources about the politics and government of Latin America.

Background information

Country Information

We provide selective coverage to documentation from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.





Government Information

Data & statistics

other Websites

Latin American and Spanish Videos Freely Available on the InternetThis guide, produced at SUNY-Albany, gives links to dozens of different sites that have free educational videos in Spanish.

Latin American Newspapers

Latin American Government Documents Archive (LAGDA)- This site indexes and archives information from the websites of Latin American governments, which may change frequently.
Directorio Web de Archivos Iberoamericanos: provides links to over 300 Latin American archives
BBC News: Caribbean (Archive)
BBC News: Latin America & Caribbean (Archives)

The Latin Americanist Research Resources Project (LARRP)

Current news:

Consult the News Guide for details of news sources.
Tips for searching newspaper databases.

How to write a literature review

Content last reviewed: February 4, 2021