Medical Anthropology

Please note: this is NOT an exhaustive list.  For more titles, please follow the following subject headings:

Primary Sources

Aluka contains relevant primary sources.  Try a search on "medicine" or "health" in either subfile.

eHRAF World Cultures contains a wide range of documents that are coded for topic content by anthropologists.  To get started, click on Browse Subjects, then Major Subjects, and select Health, Illness, Medicine, and Death.

Mass Observation Online, an initiative to document English daily life from diaries and other primary sources, also responds to queries about health or medicine.  Choose Advanced Search and try searches such as "medicine"


There are a wide range of maps and atlases which can respond to queries in medical anthropology.  Consider using the subject heading "medical geography", as this ties together issues in human geography with issues in medical anthropology.  Here is a selection of titles:

In the catalogue, try a fielded keyword search, for example looking for the keyword maps and the keyword health in a subject heading:


In the catalogue, use the Videos scope to restrict to documentaries.  Try a keyword search, such as:


In the catalogue, try searches such as:

Content last updated: August 14, 2019