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Good to know:

  1. Within a database, limit your search to scholarly articles when it is appropriate to disregard other resources.
  2. Never limit to full-text only as we may subscribe to the journal you find from another vendor.  Use the Get it! icon to search for the full text when it is not immediately available.
  3. Use the Interlibrary Loans RACER form to request items not held at Carleton’s library.  

Explore the library's Subject Guides relevant to your research for additional recommendations.

Journal Rankings

Citation Searching

Use the Web of Science and Scopus to find if a particular author and/or paper has been cited by other authors.
Web of Science:
       Select Cited Reference Search from top tool bar.
You have the article
         Christopher McNally  2012.  "SINO-CAPITALISM China's Reemergence and the International Political Economy "  World Politics 64.4:741+

       Enter the author in cited author box
                McNally C*  (use surname, first initial and truncation symbol)          
       Retrieve abbreviation of journal name from list provided (World Polit), and enter year of publication (2012).  

From the list, select the article  and click on Finish Search at the top of the list.
Results show the article has been cited 117 times - the most recent in August 2020.
Note the option Create Alert to be notified of any future citings of this article.

       Choose Author Search from top tool bar.
       Enter author's name and affiliation if known
               Trimble, Linda
       If more than one entry appears, choose the one that best fits your topic - in this case Social Sciences.  Select Show documents from top tabs and scroll down the results to the article you have.   On right hand side all published articles by the author will be listed.  Click on article for citing references.

Linda Trimble and Shannon Sampert. "Gender, political leadership and media visibility: Globe and Mail coverage of conservative party of Canada leadership contests"  Canadian Journal of Political Science Volume 40, Issue 4, December 2007, Pages 969-9 has been cited 23 times, the most recent in 2020.

Tips for effective searching -

If you find one relevant article for your research it can lead to other relevant papers by the following:

  • using the databases, including OMNI, look to find all papers & books published by the author or co-authors
  • explore the bibliography in the paper for sources
  • using Web of Science or Scopus, look for articles that cite the article you found.    Remember, some databases will also list citing articles but those lists are limited to the current database.  The Web of Science and Scopus are more comprehensive, with coverage from multiple databases.

Grey Literature

Grey literature is an important source of information for research. It provides access to a broad range of information and often contains new ideas. Searching grey literature also offers the potential to balance any tendencies for publication bias found in published literature. It helps introduce alternative perspectives that may not be represented in standard literature.

Examples of grey literature include:

  • technical or research reports
  • committee reports
  • market reports
  • conference papers
  • white papers
  • poster
  • pamphlet
  • conference presentations
  • blogs
  • emails
  • podcasts
  • government documents
  • speeches
  • preprint materials
  • theses and dissertation
  • newsletters
  • clinical trials

Resources for finding grey literature

Policy Reports and Working Papers

Think Tanks

EIU Economist Intelligence Unit  provides current and historical economic data and forecasting.

globalEdge excellent free site from Michigan State University which has a section on Emerging Markets. After selecting your country, look for the Country Commercial Guide...  Also brings together a large number of ranking tools.

World Economic Forum, Global Competitiveness Report for country rankings.  Also includes the Global Risks report, executive opinion survey.

World Bank, Doing Business  provides objective measures of business regulations and their enforcement across 183 economies. Each economy is ranked according to 10 sets of indicators. These are combined into an overall "ease of doing business" ranking. See also the Regional Reports

Enterprise Surveys  provides country reports which provide a quick glance at business environment indicators and a graphing tool to create a custom graphic for the country of your choice.

The World Bank also provides outlook information

International Trade Centre - Countries/Territories - select pdf report for country
WITS World Integrated Trade Solution (WITS)
WTO - Map of disputes between members


Bloomberg is a global financial markets database providing news, analytics and real-time data for over 5 million securities world-wide, plus extensive historical data, including pricing and stock charts.
Information on how to access Bloomberg via the library is here.

other databases

IMF Data
IMF eLibrary
UN Data
United Nations Digital Library
World Bank - open repository
OECD iLibrary

Content last reviewed: January 26, 2021