Public Finance: Budgets, Expenditures, Monetary Policy and Audits

Budgets, estimates, public accounts and monetary policy are the principal tools by which governments plan programs and account for their economic activities. Auditing is the process by which government spending on public programs is assessed. This guide provides links to the official sites with this type of information

Canada - Federal:

Auditor General of Canada

Bank of Canada

Dept. of Finance

House of Commons

Parliamentary Budget Officer

Public Works and Government Services Canada

Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

MERX Canadian Public Tenders

Canada - Provincial:

  • Each Provincial and Territorial Ministries of Finance includes information about budgets, estimates and public accounts.


Central Bank and monetary authority websities (via Bank for International Settlements)

United Kingdom

United States

Development Finance Institutions: in addition to central banks, a wide range of development banks have been created to encourage economic stability and development in economic regions.

Content last updated: June 11, 2021