Finding journals

If you know the name of a journal, look it up by its title in the catalogue. If you don't know journal names, you can search for journals in the catalogue. Try the subject headings

or try a keyword search for your topic, specifying the Journal Title scope to the right of the data entry area.

Journal article databases

Key Sociology databases:

Related databases:

For Canadian social issues, try:

For African issues, try:

For Asian issues, try

Try the multidisciplinary databases.  Also note the related Sociology subject guides.


Please consult the Images "find guide" for suggestions as to where to search for images.


Primary source databases

Consult this list of databases containing archives for materials relevant to your topic.  In particular:

Tip:  News items can be considered primary if they are replicas of the original articles and if they document an event while it is occurring.  Full image databases:

Tip:  Government documents are also considered to be primary.

Government information

Start here to find government information online.

Some government information databases



For more, consult the full list of goverment information databases

Some data and statistics portals



For more, consult the full list of data and statistics portals.


  1. Check out our guides:
  2. Consult Writing Services (4th floor, Library).
  3. Find out about skill development workshops pertaining to writing that are offered by the Centre for Student Academic Support.
  4. Learn how to use citation management software.

Helpful documentation from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology

Suggested books related to writing in Sociology

Content last updated: July 11, 2018