Women's and Gender Studies

To find out about new developments in Women's and Gender Studies, consult these current research resources:


General social sciences

Consider for the intersection of women/females/girls and other social sciences, such as Anthropology or Psychology

At Web of Science, you can search all subfiles at Web of Science, or select the Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) specifically, to reduce the number of non-social-science results.  To select SSCI on the search page, click on MORE SETTINGS, then uncheck all boxes except:

Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) --1956-present


Also remember to search databases from other disciplines for women/girl/feminist issues within those disciplines.  

  1. Select suggested databases from the "databases" section of a subject guide for the discipline.
  2. Select from a list of databases that have been tagged as having content relevant to that discipline.

For example:

Also consider noncommercial databases compiled by scholars, such as

Here are key journals having to do with the discipline of Women's Studies.  For other gender-based journal titles, please see the Gender Studies subject guide.


Try a "fielded keyword search" in the search field on the library home page.





There is material concerning gender in fonds in Archives and Research Collections.  Try a search in the archival collections.

Also consider:

Primary Sources


Government  information databases

Maps and atlases

Statistical Data


International Organizations




Content last updated: November 18, 2019