World War I (The Great War)

This guide brings together essential collections of military history for World War I (The Great War). These include library resources, links to official military history from governments, and websites that act as portals to gather related materials.

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Government Information


Canadian War Museum

Dept. of National Defence and the Canadian Forces

Dept. of Veterans Affairs

Library and Archives Canada





United Kingdom

United States



The library holds a number of atlases of World War I, found via searching the subject headings below in our catalogue:

Online maps


Historical GIS (HGIS) is relatively new but increasing in prevalence through its use of geographical analysis in historical contexts. For some non-WW1 examples of HGIS, see the History subject guide.

While GIS work can seem intimidating, it is possible to add a custom map to your project or even do geographic analysis of historical events as your project itself. 



History of aerial photography

Books on the topic in MacOdrum libray catalogue under subject heading World War, 1914-1918 -- Photography


Content last updated: November 23, 2018