The 3D Printing Initiative in MacOdrum Library

The 3D printing initiative in the library is a pilot project.

Our Printer: Stratasys Uprint SE Plus

The Stratasys Uprint SE Plus uses:

  • Production-grade ABS for model material
  • Soluble support material (means the designs that print are at less risk of breaking)

Please note that not all designs that you find on websites can be printed or are made for the uPrint SE Plus.

Who can use the 3D print service? All students, faculty and staff in the Carleton University community.

How do I order a 3D print?

  1. Create your own design or choose a pre-made design.
  2. Upload your .stl file to your OneDrive account. (Under "People you specify can view", select "People in Carleton with the link" then choose copy link to paste into the form)
  3. Fill out the 3D printing request form (you will need to log in with your MC1 credentials)

What can I print? Mostly smaller sized objects, with academic, research or course related projects taking priority.

How long will it take to get my printed object? We aim to have your object ready within two weeks. There may be occasional delays, and we will notify you of such. When possible, give yourself extra time for assignments.

Where can I pick up my printed object? Once your object is finished, you will receive an email including instructions to pick it up at MacOdrum Library. Your object will be held for two weeks before disposal.

What colours are used? We use a dark grey model material only. You can paint the model any colour.

When do the printers run? Thursdays and Fridays.

Can I access the 3D printer to “Do-It-Myself”? Library staff will carry out all printing functions.

Please Note! The library reserves the right to cancel the printing of any object that might threaten the safety of others. The MacOdrum Library cannot guarantee model quality, stability or the availability of the printers. Projects involving non-academic printing which consumes excessive time and material will be refused. This service can be changed without notice.

Cost: Currently there is no charge for using this service.

Questions? You can ask specific questions regarding a print job in the notes section when you submit your print request. Other inquiries can be sent to .

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