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Carleton University affiliated students, faculty & staff are eligible to join the Library GIS Services Organization to access ArcGIS Online to use various applications such as Smart Maps, Business Analyst, Community Analyst, Field Maps, Survey 123, Dashboards, etc. Creating an ArcGIS Online account using your My Carleton One (MC1) credentials gives you additional access to the online Esri Academy -Training.

Please note the following Esri license details:

  • Esri software is provided for the exclusive purposes of teaching and/or academic research while you are a member of the Carleton University community and may not be used for any other purposes.
  • It is prohibited to use these software products in the pursuit of any commercial or income-generating venture either privately, with government, or under the auspices of Carleton University.

ArcGIS Online Instructions | Esri Training Instructions

ArcGIS Online Account Instructions

  1. Go to GIS Services at Carleton University Library Sign in to GIS Services at Carleton University using your My Carleton One credentials.
  2. You will always use your MC1 to sign into ArcGIS Online and Esri Training and any associated apps - be sure that you are using our organization login option and your MC1 (firstnamelastname).

    Make sure to select "Your ArcGIS Organization's URL" and type in carleton-u
  3. If you are prompted for an organization URL, please use carleton-u
    For Your ArcGIS Organization's URL, type carleton-u
    • After you sign into ArcGIS Online, you will be directed to your newly created GIS Services organization dashboard. Note, in the highlighted image below, the options to map and view content (once you create content).
    • If you want to navigate and explore the various apps produced by Esri you can do so by clicking on the dotted square beside your profile name. Popular apps are Survey 123, Story Maps, Business Analyst, and Living Atlas, etc.

    Training and the Esri Academy

    1. You must follow the ArcGIS Online Instructions (above) first to create an account with our GIS Services organization.
    2. Online training with Esri is found here. If you are signed in to ArcGIS Online you should be automatically signed into the Esri Academy. If not, you will sign into the Esri Academy with your MC1 in the top right-hand corner of the page to access unlocked courses.
    3. An alternative route to navigating to training is directly from your ArcGIS Online account. If you click on your name, you get a new menu of redirects including Training.

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