Borrowing Directly from Other Libraries

We participate in a number of partnerships allowing you to borrow in person from libraries across the country and the rest of North America. However, like us, these libraries may be restricting borrowing to their immediate campus communities. Contact individual libraries directly for information and availability.

General guidelines:

  • You borrow materials directly from another partner library.
  • You are responsible for contacting the lending library about renewals, overdue or lost items.
  • You pay any overdue or replacement charges directly to the lending library.
  • You are responsible for the items until they are returned to the lending library.

Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement

The Canadian University Reciprocal Borrowing Agreement (CURBA) permits all students, staff, and faculty with a valid Carleton campus card to register at participating Canadian university libraries to borrow material onsite. By using the collection or services of the lending library all borrowers agree to abide by its regulations and policies.

Books borrowed from participating libraries may be returned either to the lending library directly or to Interlibrary Loans at Carleton University Library.

Required Documentation

Although most participating libraries accept a current Carleton campus card, some libraries require additional documentation and charge fees. Some offer privileges only to graduate students and faculty. Before you leave Carleton please ensure that you have the required id and documentation and are aware of the following requirements and restrictions:

Restrictions: Graduate Students, Faculty and Staff

Quebec university libraries:

  • You need an Inter-university Borrowing Project card (IUBP card). Ask for an IUBP card at the Library Services Desk or email Account Assistance prior to your visit to a Quebec university.

University of Toronto libraries:

  • You will be asked to pay a fee of $310 per year for on-site borrowing privileges.
  • There is no fee for on-site consultation or stacks access.

All other Canadian university libraries:

  • Check the website of the library you wish to visit to make sure you arrive with the required documentation.
  • You need to present your current Carleton campus card (student or employee card) and/or a valid IUBP card in order to register for direct borrowing.
  • The lending library may contact Carleton to confirm your current status and ensure that you are in good standing.

Restrictions: Undergraduate Students

Quebec university libraries:

  • Do not lend to undergraduate students from other provinces.

University of Toronto libraries and the Ontario College of Art and Design:

  • Do not lend to undergraduate students from other universities.

All other university libraries:

  • You need your Carleton campus card and/or a valid IUBP card.
  • The lending library may contact Carleton to confirm your current status and ensure that you are in good standing.

h3 OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing Program /h3

We participate in the OCLC Reciprocal Borrowing Program allowing faculty members borrowing privileges and onsite access to the collections of research libraries throughout North America - see the list of participating libraries.  To obtain an OCLC card visit the Library Services Desk.

h3 University of Ottawa Libraries /h3

Carleton University and the University of Ottawa have a special reciprocal borrowing agreement allowing limited borrowing privileges for their students, staff, and faculty at the other university. Students in Ottawa-Carleton Joint Programs have more extensive borrowing privileges.

Carleton University borrowers should become familiar with the University of Ottawa Library's borrowing information.

All fines incurred at the University of Ottawa must be paid there. Any outstanding charges are sent to Carleton twice a year (May and January). We pay all outstanding charges to the University of Ottawa on behalf of our students, staff, and faculty. These charges are then added to Carleton library accounts and must be paid at Carleton.

We do not have have access to the circulation records of the University of Ottawa and are not in a position to answer any questions concerning the details of the library charge (date due, date returned, any information on individual accounts). Any queries or complaints concerning billing or charges incurred at the University of Ottawa should be addressed to its Circulation department.

h3 SmartLibrary Borrowing Project /h3

Carleton University, together with the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College and Ottawa Public Library participates in the SmartLibrary Borrowing Project. Through Smartlibrary, Carleton University students, staff and faculty who live outside the Ottawa-Carleton region and who would normally have to pay a fee to become a member of Ottawa Public Library may register free of charge.

You must first obtain a SmartLibrary card at the Library Services Desk. You must be in good standing (no outstanding fines or other charges).  Present the Smartlibrary card together with your Carleton campus card and photo id with your current address at any branch of Ottawa Public Library and register for full privileges and receive an Ottawa Public Library card.

Content last reviewed: December 22, 2020