Borrowing privileges are based on which borrowing group you belong to, either as part of Carleton or as someone from the broader community.

The borrowing terms for each of the borrower groups are summarized in the following table.

Borrower Group


Loan Period

Number of Renewals

Borrow from Other Libraries
Carleton Students, Faculty (current and retired), and Staff 500 items 120 days Unlimited Yes
Extended Carleton Community 500 items 120 days Unlimited No
Carleton Alumni 20 items 28 days 5 renewals No
Community Borrowers 10 items 14 days 5 renewals No

For information on borrowing groups, see: Library Accounts.

Loan periods

The loan periods specified here are for typical library materials.

Course reserve materials and multimedia titles usually have shorter loan periods.

You can verify the loan period information by looking up the item you are interested in Omni. (You'll need to be logged in to Omni!)

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