Email Notices

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

All notices about overdue items and late charges will be sent to your Carleton Email account. Please remember to check this account regularly for updates or set up forwarding to an alternate email account. 

The following notices are sent by email to every patron with a valid email address.  We do not send paper notices.

  • 3 days prior to the due date
  • 1 day after the due date, an overdue notice is sent
  • 7 days after the due date a second notice is sent
  • 30 days after the due date a third notice is sent

Note that you cannot appeal a fine because you did not receive these courtesy reminder notices by email. Be sure to check your Library Account frequently to monitor your due dates. For additional information please visit the Library Regulations policy.

Content last reviewed: May 14, 2019