Curbside & Mail Delivery: Frequently Asked Questions

How long until my book is available for curbside pickup? 

Due to the volume of requests and unexpected delays, we cannot anticipate how long it will take to fulfill your request. But if all goes smoothly, the item may be available in 24-48 hours. You will receive a system generated email that notifies you your material is ready for pickup. Do not proceed to the library to pickup your material until you receive this email. 

I received an email saying the book I ordered was missing. How long until a replacement is ordered and available? 

We order replacement books in both the physical and electronic format. Depending on where we order the book from will determine how long it takes to get the material. But either way, we will let you know as soon as it arrives! 

I would like to change my delivery preference. Who do I contact? 

Please email  

I selected Mail Delivery as my preference. How long will it take for the material to be delivered. 

We cannot provide an estimated time of delivery for library materials through the mail. 

Can I pick up my materials in the library? 

No. We are not circulating any materials in the library. Please proceed to pick up your materials at the Library Receiving Doors (in the Dunton Tower parking lot) when you receive the system generated email. Call (343) 996-9167 and one of our staff will bring the material out for you. 

My Curbside Pickup Request expired. Can I still get this material? 

All requests expire after 5 days. If you received notice that your materials have expired and would still like to check out the material, please submit another request form. 

Can I place a book on hold through my library account? 

No, this feature is currently turned off. All requests must come through the curbside pick-up and mail delivery form. 

What courier service does the library use for mail delivery of items? 

We utilize Canada Post to deliver materials. 


Content last reviewed: September 15, 2020