Data Storage and Repositories

Storage and Repository Decision Chart


The Federated Research Data Repository (FRDR) is a system for researchers in Canada to deposit and share research data and to facilitate discovery of research data through federated searching across repositories. FRDR data will now be discoverable via Lunaris: a scalable, national research data discovery service provided by the Alliance as one of its core Research Data Management services.

Some key features include:

  • accepts datasets that are larger than 2.5 GB
  • managed storage spread across multiple Compute Canada Federation hosting sites
  • a fully-bilingual user interface and robust documentation
  • DOI registration for datasets
  • optional embargoes on data and metadata records
  • allows multiple people to collaborate on a submission
  • support for special collections with organizational branding and links to external content
  • secure repository storage for a minimum of 10 years after deposit
  • file hierarchies: allows you to retain the hierarchical relationship between files and folders during transfer
  • a responsive support service with business hours coverage across Canada (

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