Placing Requests

Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 lockdown.


  • Journal articles normally arrive in 3-5 days; books take more than a week
  • It is normally free (see Costs, below, for further details)
  • You will get an email informing you that your material is available
  • 3 weeks is the typical loan period for print materials


Processing Times

  • 2-3 business days is the normal processing time for requests.
  • Delivery times vary depending on the location of the supplying library and the availability of the material.
  • Place your request with adequate time to meet your deadlines. Requests cannot be handled on a last-minute basis.

Journal article or other copies:

  • 1 to 2 days or sometimes longer, depending on availability and delivery


  • 1 to 4 weeks from a Canadian library
  • 2 to 8 weeks from a U.S. library
  • 3 months or longer from an international library


  • It is normally free for you to get research material supplied by another Canadian library.
    • The Library subsidizes requests up to $25.00. Faculty, students, and staff are entitled to 100 free copies per calendar year, provided the cost does not exceed $25.00.
    • If charges exceed the subsidy, Interlibrary Loans staff will contact you before the material is ordered to confirm that you still want it and are prepared to pay the difference.
  • Some Canadian libraries and most American libraries charge additional fees for loans; we will contact you about any additional charges.
  • The Library charges a $5 fine for each book you do not pick up by the due date.

Loan Periods

  • 3 weeks with no renewals allowed is normal (loan periods/renewals are set by the lending library).
  • Due dates and any special instructions are noted on the attached book band. Please do not remove this band.

Arrival of Material

  • We will notify you by email when the material arrives.
  • Pick up your print material at the Library Services Desk.
  • You will receive electronic copies by email.
  • You are responsible for monitoring the status of your requests via RACER and notifying the Interlibrary Loan staff of any changes to your request.

Number of Requests

  • There is no limit, but keep in mind that the Library subsidizes the Interlibrary loan service, so please be judicious about the number of requests you make. We will contact you if there are concerns about the number of requests you have made.
Content last reviewed: May 14, 2019