The JMC provides students access to private study rooms that are equipped with height-adjustable desks and a variety of assistive technologies and hardware.

The centre is located in room 239 on the 2nd floor of the library.

Accessing the JMC

Students with an active referral from the Paul Menton Centre can access our space and reserve a workstation in advance of their visit.

If you do not have a referral, please discuss with your coordinator at the PMC.

If you are not registered with the PMC and believe you could benefit from using this space, please send us an email to discuss further.

There are 10 workstations in the JMC, they include:

  • Large monitors
  • Height-adjustable tables
  • Adjustable lighting (including light therapy lamps)
  • White noise machines
  • Screen reading software
  • Voice reading software

You can also find a full list of our assistive hardware and software available on each workstation

Workstation Booking Policy

  • Workstations can be reserved up to 1 week in advance
  • Bookings are limited to 2 hours per workstation, to a maximum of 4 hours per workstation per day

If you’d like to chat with us or learn more about our technology, please email

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