Activating Ares in cuLearn

Instructors and students can access Ares from CULearn once the current semester is configured. (see instructions below).  Please use IE 9, Firefox or Google Chrome to activate Ares in CULearn (Moodle).

1. Login to CULearn (Moodle)

2. Select the course to add the Library Reserves (Ares) link to from the list of courses on the front page.

3. In order to choose the current semester for Ares, click “Turn editing on” located at the top right hand corner.

4. On the right hand side, go to the "Library Reserves" block and click on the downward arrow to show a drop down list. Choose “Configure Library Reserves Block” to select the semester in which the course is active.

5. To configure the Library Reserves block, leave the default semester to “Current Semester” and select “Save Changes”. Note: If you are preparing content for an upcoming course (i.e. creating content in August for a Fall course), choose the correct semester from the drop down list. 

6. Turn editing off once the changes are saved.

7. Ares can now be accessed by instructors and students in CULearn.  Launch Ares into a separate tab by selecting  “View course in Ares”. 

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Content last updated: August 14, 2020