Changes to Library services during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Can I suggest an item to be purchased through the library for my course?

Absolutely! Please send us a citation of the item that you will be using in your course and we will submit a rush request for it and place it on reserves once it arrives. 

What are the benefits of e-reserves?

  • Multi-user access, with the exception of some ebooks that restrict the number of users at one time.
  • Eliminates the risk of missing pages to ensure students have access to complete articles.
  • 24/7 remote access - ideal for students working primarily from off-campus.

How long does material stay on reserve?

Until the end of the academic term if the course is not being offered in subsequent terms, or if we have not received a written request from the instructor to keep the material on reserve for a longer period.

Any materials in which we have obtained copyright permission for must be removed at the end of each term. If the item is required for a subsequent term then permission needs to be obtained again.

I have a student that has requested a deferred exam, will they have access to the course readings after the term has ended?

All readings are removed at the end of term to support copyright compliance, however please contact Library Reserves to activate the readings for an extended time period.

Can teaching assistants have access to material listed on Ares?

Definitely. Please ask them to fill out the Managing Teaching Assistants in Ares form to create an account.


Content last reviewed: May 14, 2019