Library Room Bookings

Please note we are not accepting room bookings at this time. All events on campus scheduled to occur before April 30, 2020 should be postponed to a later date.

Reservation priority / How to make a request

Priority is given to the Carleton Library teaching, events, and meetings.  Non-library reservations may also be accepted with priority as follows:

  1. Carleton University business or academic events
  2. Carleton University clubs or societies
  3. External groups


  • September to Fall Break and January to Winter break, priority is given to library related teaching and orientation, non-library reservations are not accepted for teaching rooms (235, 252, 583 & 110) during this period.
  • Reservations during exams will not be accepted.
  • Rooms are bookable during the Library’s hours of operation. All bookings must end 1 hour prior to closing. Groups hosting events taking place outside of Library open hours will be required to pay Library staff to provide security when the Library is closed.
  • Full-day and multiple-day bookings are discouraged and may not be accepted.
  • Rooms are not for recurring University courses.
  • Food is not permitted without the permission of the University Librarian.
  • Room must be left in the state it is given. Failure to do so will result in the loss of privilege to book rooms. Users are responsible for any damage caused to the room.
  • Groups may be asked to pay for set-up and take-down of room.
  • Academic work in the Library is a priority and therefore loud noise, including music, or other sound disturbances are not allowed without permission from the University Librarian.
  • Public spaces (main floor, 5th floor) can only be booked with permission of the University Librarian.

Make your library room booking request here.

Policy subject to change. Approved by Library Management Group, February 2020. Updated January 2020.

Content last reviewed: March 11, 2020