With COVID protocols lifting, map labs, instruction and displays are activities we can resume.

We can provide the following services:

  • Map instruction via Zoom or Big Blue Button
  • Videos
  • Course guide with cartographic content
  • Library/map content in Brightspace
  • In-person instruction

Please email us at gis@carleton.ca.

Maps and atlases are effective tools to make spatial information easily understood in a visual way. Course instructors are invited to request a display to support assignments.

Displays of maps and other material relevant to the assignment will be assembled in consultation with the instructor to ensure that students are able to use these resources effectively and in a timely way.

Instructional sessions to support course content may also be booked.

To arrange for a display or to book an instructional session please contact our Map Specialists.

What maps and atlases are available?

Check out our Maps pages for a description of our collections.

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