The library has at its disposal a large format scanner that allows for scanning of maps in our collection up to 44" wide. The following is the service policy for use of the large format scanner.

  1. Access to the large format scanner will be offered to currently enrolled Carleton University students, faculty and staff.
  2. All materials to be scanned must be from the Carleton Library collection, or have a demonstrated research, instructional or non-commercial purpose.
  3. All materials to be scanned must be evaluated as to the condition and suitability so as not to damage the item or the scanner.
  4. Due to Covid-19 and Library Protocols, scanning, which is done by library staff, will be completed once a week.
  5. Files will be stored on our proxy server and an email with a direct link will be sent to the student once the scanning is complete. Students will be able to directly download the files once they’ve signed the GIS data license agreement.

Fill out our webform to have a map scanned.

To have a map scanned, you have two options:

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