NVivo is a software package that helps with qualitative data analysis. Keep track of all data associated with your project, code your data, create models to help organize your research, run queries on your coded data, create charts and reports for sharing with others etc.



To get the license key:

  • Connect to this ITS page and then follow their link to the license form.
  • License key is free to CU students, faculty, and staff, and is good for both Mac and Windows versions
    (license key for NVivo 12 and NVivo Release 1 are still available if needed, we encourage you to upgrade to the latest version)
  • The license is renewed annually, towards the end of October. You will need a new license key each year.

To download the software:

  • Sign up for a myNVivo Portal account using your full Carleton email address xxxxx@cmail.carleton.ca OR xxxxx@cunet.carleton.ca
  • NVivo 14 is the newest version of NVivo released on March 15, 2023. Existing users who wish to upgrade must request the new license key for this version and download the upgrade.
  • IMPORTANT: after downloading the software and installing it, when it asks you to "Activate NVivo", you need to use the "enterprise key" link (smaller font, below the myNVivo link) to enter our license keylocation of link for "enterprise" activation of NVivo
  • Projects created using older versions of NVivo can be opened in the new version, see details.
  • Any questions related to the license for NVivo itself (as opposed to how to use the software) should be directed to Carleton's ITS Service Desk

Sept 2022: Known Issue with NVivo for Mac

When installing NVivo for Mac you may get a message saying you must grant "full disk access" and instructions to do so. Even after doing this, some people still get an error message.

This is a known issue and QSR has posted a workaround for this in their forum.

  • On the forum thread, see the March 30 post by the QSR team for full instructions (expand the post to see it in full)
  • To download the needed file (see bottom of their post) you'll have to be logged in to your NVivo account.
  • Here's a quick video showing you the work-around:


  • Uses advanced speech recognition giving precise, automated transcripts in a short amount of time (about half the time of the recording)
  • Can be used with NVivo, or independent of it
  • This service has been vetted by Carleton's Research Ethics
  • See our NVivo Transcription page for details


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