NVivo is a software package that helps with qualitative data analysis. Keep track of all data associated with your project, code your data, create models to help organize your research, run queries on your coded data, create charts and reports for sharing with others...

  • Carleton's Nvivo license covers both the Mac and Windows version.
  • The 2 versions do not offer exactly the same features.
  • Carleton's license now covers NVivo 12

Introduction to NVivo video:

Software Availability/Licensing

  • Download NVivo 12 
  • The license is now FREE for ALL CU students faculty & staff.
  • To get the license key fill out the  NVivo Software Agreement 
    ***Oct 16, 2018 NEWS: administration of license is moving from FASS to ITS. If link above does not work, please contact ITS to request license***
  • Also available on the terminal server in all CCS student computer labs. (Look under Start, Programs, Other Applications, Terminal Server ( login with same account info) then All Programs, NVivo


 We offer some scheduled workshops as well as on-demand NVivo workshops to individual, small groups, and classes for Carleton University students, faculty or staff. Contact nvivo@library.carleton.ca to make arrangements. Topics covered can include:

  • Overview of features
  • How to import your data
  • How to create nodes
  • How to code your data
  • Building and running queries
  • Building models and charts
  • Exporting projects items 

NVivo also hosts a number of free online brown-bag webinars, paid online workshops, and sometimes does 2-day face-to-face workshops. See their training and events information for details

More Help

Online Support

Content last updated: October 16, 2018