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Research Specialists

Research Area Sort descending Name 613-520-2600 ext.
African Studies Margaret McLeod 8943
Anthropology Robert Smith 3211
Archaeology Larry Thompson
Architecture Kristof Avramsson (on sabbatical until Sept. 1, 2023) 8057
Architecture Scott Turner
Archives Chris Trainor
Archives Heather Leroux (on leave until May 2024)
Archives Lloyd Keane 2739
Biochemistry Heather MacDonald 8572
Biology Heather MacDonald 8572
Biomedical Engineering Heather MacDonald 8572
Book Arts Larry Thompson
Business Matthew Gertler 8240
Canadian Studies Martha Attridge Bufton 2985
Chemistry Scott Turner
Childhood and Youth Studies Martha Attridge Bufton 2985
Citation Management David Jackson 2373
Civil Engineering Kristof Avramsson (on sabbatical until Sept. 1, 2023) 8057
Civil Engineering Rebecca Bartlett 4084
Cognitive Science Ryan Tucci 3390
Communication and Media Studies Ryan Tucci 3390
Computer Engineering Robert Smith 3211
Computer Science Robert Smith 3211
Criminology Julie Lavigne
Cultural Mediations Joel Rivard 1615
CURVE / Repository Services Pat Moore 2745
Data & Statistics Jane Fry 1121
Dataverse Jane Fry 1121
Digital Humanities Martha Attridge Bufton 2985
Digital Projects & Technologies Pat Moore 2745
Disability Studies Martha Attridge Bufton 2985
Earth Sciences Sherri Sunstrum 3964
Economics Matthew Gertler 8240
English Language and Literature Larry Thompson
Environmental Engineering Rebecca Bartlett 4084
Environmental Engineering Kristof Avramsson (on sabbatical until Sept. 1, 2023) 8057
Environmental Science Heather MacDonald 8572
Environmental Studies Susan Tudin 2018
European Russian and Eurasian Studies Aleksandra Blake 1574
French Language & Literature Joel Rivard 1615
Geography Susan Tudin 2018
Geomatics Sherri Sunstrum 3964
GIS Meaghan Kenny 1685
GIS Rebecca Bartlett 4084
Global and International Studies Margaret McLeod 8943
Government Information Matthew Gertler 8240
Greek and Roman Studies Larry Thompson
Health Heather MacDonald 8572
History Susan Tudin 2018
Human Rights Julie Lavigne
Indigenous Studies Martha Attridge Bufton 2985
Industrial Design Heather MacDonald 8572
Industrial Design Kristof Avramsson (on sabbatical until Sept. 1, 2023) 8057
Information Technology Scott Turner
Infrastructure Protection and International Security Aleksandra Blake 1574
International Affairs Aleksandra Blake 1574
Journalism Ryan Tucci 3390
Law & Legal Studies Julie Lavigne
Library Exhibits Monica Ferguson 8125
Linguistics and Applied Language Studies Judy Senecal 2738
Local area research Monica Ferguson 8125
Maps & Cartography Sherri Sunstrum 3964
Mathematics and Statistics Scott Turner
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Scott Turner
Migration & Diaspora Studies Julie Lavigne
Military Science Aleksandra Blake 1574
Modern Languages Judy Senecal 2738
Music David Jackson 2373
Neuroscience Heather MacDonald 8572
NVivo Judy Senecal 2738
Open Access Pat Moore 2745
Open Journal Systems Pat Moore 2745
Pedagogy David Jackson 2373
Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership Aleksandra Blake 1574
Philosophy Larry Thompson
Physics and Astronomy Scott Turner
Political Economy Aleksandra Blake 1574
Political Management Aleksandra Blake 1574
Political Science Aleksandra Blake 1574
Psychology Ryan Tucci 3390
Public Affairs & Policy management Aleksandra Blake 1574
Public Policy & Administration Aleksandra Blake 1574
Religion Larry Thompson
Research Data Management Jane Fry 1121
Scholar Profiles & Metrics Pat Moore 2745
Sexuality Studies Martha Attridge Bufton 2985
Social Work Margaret McLeod 8943
Sociology Robert Smith 3211
Urban Studies Susan Tudin 2018
Women and Gender Studies Martha Attridge Bufton 2985
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