How to put materials on reserve for your course

Faculty and instructors can use the Course Reserves service to make readings and materials available to students in their courses.

Course reserves are typically provided to students in electronic format. Print materials may be placed on reserve for in-person courses only when no appropriate electronic version is available.

Students use Ares to access reserve materials for all their courses.

Student can also find a link to Ares on Tools menu for your course in Brightspace. This link will take them directly to the readings for your course.

Submitting your course reserve request

To submit your request for course reserves, please email your course outline/reading list to

Please indicate any materials that were in course reserves in previous semesters, as these can be copied over quickly.

When to submit your request

Please submit your course reserves as soon as possible to ensure that the materials will be available for the start of class. Ideally, you should submit your request at least 2 weeks before the first day of class.

For videos or films, please allow additional time for us to obtain the necessary streaming rights for these materials.

For chapters, please allow additional time for us to obtain the necessary copyright clearance.

We will ensure that all readings will be copyright compliant and made available to your students in Ares.

Teaching assistants

Your teaching assistant can help you to review course reserve content in Ares.

To give a teaching assistant access to your course reserves in Ares, send an email to with the name and student ID number of your teaching assistant.

Books that are not available in electronic format

If you have a book on your reading list that is not available in electronic format, someone from our Course Reserves team will discuss a few possible options with you:

  • If students only need to read a few chapters, we can scan individual chapters and make those available to students (subject to copyright and fair dealing guidelines).
  • If students need to read the entire book, we may be able to digitize the item and make it available through our new controlled digital lending service (again subject to copyright and fair dealing guidelines).

If neither of these are possible, we will place the print item on reserve. Students can borrow these course reserve items from the Service Desk in the Library.

By default, print course reserves have a 4-hour loan period. Alternately, the loan period can be set to 1 day, which gives the students more time with the material but means that their classmates may need to wait a bit longer to borrow the item if someone has already borrowed it. If you prefer the 1-day loan period for some or all of the items on your reading list, simply mention that when we contact you to discuss the use of print materials with you.


Most commercial textbook publishers do not allow libraries to purchase e-textbooks.

If you are using a textbook from a commercial publisher, it is unlikely that we will be able to make it available to students through course reserves. In these cases, the only way for students to access the textbook will be to purchase a copy for themselves.

Please contact us at if you would like us to see if your textbook is available for course reserves.

Harvard Business Review cases and articles

Cases, simulations, articles and teaching materials available in Harvard Business Review for Educators can also be placed on electronic reserve in Ares.

For more information on this collection and how to make materials from it available in your course, please contact

Getting help

If you have any questions about making use of course reserves for your upcoming course, please contact for help.

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